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Day Trips & Community Engagement

Our aim is to achieve a bright future for all young people and to provide a meaningful development experience with an underlying emphasis on increasing self-esteem. We aim to enhance children and young people’s potential in a supportive environment. Our method of prevention and intervention with young people involves the use of outdoor and community activities to support positive engagement and facilitate a more effective learning environment for children and young people.


Research indicates that an increased sense of achievement and empowerment has many psychological benefits, particularly for young people with low self-esteem. We believe that constructive engagement in outdoor education provides that sense of achievement necessary to enable positive outcomes.

We offer a flexible package to meet the individual needs of the young people we work with including mentoring.


These include:

  • Challenging young people or those who have been excluded from school

  • Pupil referral units

  • Residential care homes

  • Youth justice

  • Youth projects

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