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Secure Transport

Our professional, passionate and fully trained staff provide a secure transport service for children and young people. We are fortunate in having skilled and experienced staff who are able to rapidly build a trusting rapport with young people which we believe to be key to our success in supporting children and young people. Our secure transport services also include mentoring the young person throughout the journey, adopting both a nurturing and holistic approach which ensures that each child and young person feels supported, valued and respected. 


We provide young people with a comfortable journey with a unique approach at competitive rates as a not-for-profit organisation. Young people are offered all the essentials including food/drink, magazines, drawing/note pads and blankets to ensure a pleasant experience.


We offer transport from:

  • Foster homes

  • Residential homes

  • Pupil referral units

  • Courts

  • Police stations

  • Hospitals/Health Appointments

  • Schools

  • Meeting points

  • Contact Centres

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